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Health and Physical Education

Year level:

Level 5, Level 6

Suggested timing:

30 mins

Required resources:

Device, internet connection

Green branches and flame

Activity 1 – Smoking ceremony

This activity is a part of the Fire in ceremony resource.

Green branches and flame. Adelaide, Kaurna country. Photographer: Elena Pochesneva. Source: Getty Images. Used under license.

Step by step guide

Step 1: Watch Film

Watch ‘Adrian Brown on smoking ceremonies’ (National Museum of Australia): 

Step 2: Have a discussion

Respond to these inquiry-based questions for discussion: 

  • What is smoking ceremony used for? 

  • Who does the presenter talk to in language and why? How does the smoking ceremony connect people to country? 

  • What kind of plants and what stage of leaves are used to make the smoke? 

  • How does smoking ceremony help people connect with community and place? Discuss identity and its relationship with mental health, wellbeing and belonging. 

  • What beliefs does smoking ceremony relate to, and how are these beliefs different to European or Western beliefs? What does this tell you about the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People ‘border-crossing’ or walking in two worlds? 

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Green branches and flame

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Green branches and flame

Activity 2 – Fire starting techniques

This activity involves teachers and students watching a video demonstrating fire starting methods and discussing techniques, teamwork, and the importance of community in the process.

Suggested timing:

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Required resources:

Device, internet connection

Green branches and flame

Activity 3 – Campfire construction

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Suggested timing:

30 minutes up to one lesson.

Required resources:

Sticks, leaves, stones, access to natural outdoor area

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