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The research

Ngarrngga's researchers are exploring evidence-based approaches to support educators to showcase Indigenous Knowledge in their classrooms.

The research project

We want to see all Australian students gain a deeper understanding of the depth, wealth and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and knowledge systems.

To achieve this, we will support educators to enhance and embed essential Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content into schooling and initial teacher education, through practical and sustained approaches.

Education and Reconciliation

Education is not just about knowledge transfer. It plays a significant role in shaping future Australian and global citizens.

The showcasing of Indigenous knowledge in schooling and higher education is a high priority in achieving this goal. It is driven by Goal 21 of the 1989 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education policy – ‘to provide all Australian students with an understanding of and respect for Aboriginal [and Torres Strait Islander] traditional and contemporary cultures’.

Educators have shared how they feel fearful of making mistakes, appearing tokenistic and underprepared to confidently showcase Indigenous knowledge in their teaching and learning. The resources developed by this project demonstrate a sophisticated engagement with the Australian Curriculum and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and Principals that supports all educators to include appropriate Indigenous content in their subjects and disciplines, contributing to allowing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to see themselves reflected in the teaching and learning but also, promoting reconciliation.

Evidence-based approach to curriculum

This project addresses the ‘how to’ of showcasing Indigenous knowledge by providing rigorous evidence-based approaches to curriculum. An extensive team of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers and educators have come together to achieve this goal. Collaborating with an Expert Advisory Panel of Indigenous and non-Indigenous experts and researchers inclusive of Indigenous Elders from across the nation, this project bridges the gap between theory and practice.

The role of educators in our research

We invite current educators and those undertaking initial teacher education programs to trial and provide feedback and advice as an iterative process to further refine and address the needs of educators. In practice, the resources are never in a final state but are living documents open to addressing any needs and/or systemic changes. A suite of professional development workshops is offered to complement and build educator drive to effect change in our current systems by empowering educators to showcase Indigenous knowledge with confidence in their teaching and learning.

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The vision

High-quality curriculum resources made by educators for educators, in collaboration with highly respected Indigenous Knowledge Experts.

Expert Advisory Panel

Meet the Project Team and the Expert Advisory Panel behind Ngarrngga.

Ngarrngga's core Project Team is guided by an Expert Advisory Panel comprising Indigenous Knowledge Experts from across the country.

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