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Health and Physical Education

Year level:

Level 3, Level 4

Suggested timing:

Up to 30 minutes

River Reeds

Extension activity – Kwatye

This activity is a part of the Water games and sports resource.

River Reeds, Warrandyte, Wurundjeri country. Tiffany Garvie. Source: Ngarrngga. © Tiffany Garvie 2023. Used under licence

Note: this activity involves water throwing and players will get wet. 

Required resources  

Bucket, water, paper cups or small buckets, large open area suitable for running, e.g. oval, ground markers. 

Suggested resources

Step by Step guide 

‘Kwatye’ means water in the Eastern Arrernte language of central Australia. 

This is a land-based water fighting game with two teams of four to ten players. Players will get wet. Instructions should be given to avoid contact to keep the game safe. This game builds teamwork, throwing skills, fitness, and uses strategy. 

  1. Place empty bucket or a large empty bin at the centre of a 1 metre and 3 metre diameter circle. 

  2. One team is armed with small buckets or cups, and must try to put as much water in the centre bin as possible without going inside the marked circle. This water will come from a couple of large bins placed outside the playing area. 

  3. The defending team stands inside the 3 metre circle and tries to stop the other team, but must stay outside the 1 metre circle. 

  4. After a set time, measure the water in the bucket, empty it, and swap teams. The team that got the most water in the bucket wins. 

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