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Health and Physical Education

Year level:

Level 3, Level 4

Suggested timing:

15 minutes directly following Activity 1 (Yiri)

River Reeds

Activity 2 - Reflection (Part 2)

This activity is a part of the Water games and sports resource.

River Reeds, Warrandyte, Wurundjeri country. Tiffany Garvie. Source: Ngarrngga. © Tiffany Garvie 2023. Used under licence

Suggested resources

15 minutes directly following Activity 1 (Yiri)

Step by Step guide 

Following Activity 1, students should engage in a class discussion and answer the following inquiry-based questions: 

  1. Discuss with students’ which skills are involved in this game e.g. teamwork, throwing aim, strategy, swimming. 

  2. How are these skills useful in their lives? What other sports can they be transferred to? 

  3. How may these skills have been useful in traditional life? 

  4. What other situations might these skills be useful for? 

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River Reeds

Activity 1 – Yiri (Part 1)

Students play a traditional Indigenous game involving throwing objects at floating targets, enhancing their throwing skills while learning about traditional hunting and fishing practices.

Suggested timing:

30 minutes

River Reeds

Extension activity – Kwatye

This is a land-based water fighting game with two teams of four to ten players, it builds teamwork, throwing skills, fitness, and uses strategy.

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Up to 30 minutes

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