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Year level:

Level 9, Level 10

Control fire burn with night sky. Mornington Island, Lardil country

Activity 2 - New fire technologies

This activity is a part of the Contemporary fire management resource.

Night Burning. Mornington Island, Lardil country. Photographer: Joe Sambono. Source: Ngarrngga. © Joe Sambono 2023. Used with permission

In this activity, students will research cutting-edge fire technology, brainstorm creative applications, and design solutions to address specific fire management challenges, fostering innovative thinking in the context of fire prevention and protection.

Step by step guide

Step 1: Research

Research the latest in fire technology – this can be anything from fire retardant and heat protectant clothing to real-time heat-sensing aerial imagery.

Step 2: Create ideas and plans to create a fire management solution

Students can develop ideas and plans to find new uses of new or existing technology, or new combinations of technology to create a solution relevant to fire management.

Students should prepare drawings and notes that explain their ideas.

Students can describe specific problems the new technology addresses, for example:

  • Fire is a problem for pastoralists because it destroys fences. How could new technology find a solution to this problem to make conducting burns easier?

  • Fire can help protect particular threatened species, e.g., small mammals. Select a particular animal and relate the new technology to the protection of a species, e.g., protecting its favourite food source or nesting area.

Step 3: Present solutions

Students can then share their fire management solutions to an audience.

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Control fire burn with night sky. Mornington Island, Lardil country

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Control fire burn with night sky. Mornington Island, Lardil country

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