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Level 3, Level 4

Sunlight through Trees, Alphington, Wurundjeri country

Inquiry-based learning questions

This activity is a part of the Billabongs resource.

Sunlight through Trees, Alphington, Wurundjeri country. Tiffany Garvie. Source: Ngarrngga. © Tiffany Garvie 2023. Used under licence

These inquiry-based questions are provided for flexible classroom use, allowing teachers to tailor discussion and reflections specific to their classroom needs

Inquiry questions

  • Why were the watershed basins used as a template to define regions on the map of Indigenous Australia? (

  • What are some of the environmental indicators of a freshwater source that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples use? 

  • Why is the utilisation and management of groundwater resources important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples? 

  • How do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples minimise evaporation to conserve freshwater resources? 

  • How does reliable access to water impact on the sustainability of  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture? 

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