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Learning Area:

Humanities and Social Sciences

Year levels:

Level 7, Level 8

A shooting star represented by a white line against a background of millions of stars in varying shades of pink and black.

Inquiry-based learning questions

This activity is a part of the Indigenous astronomy, geography, and star maps resource.

Shooting star. Photographer: Peter Lieverdink. Source: Flickr. License: CC BY-SA 2.0 

These inquiry-based questions are provided for flexible classroom use, allowing teachers to tailor discussion and reflections specific to their classroom needs

Inquiry questions

  • How do Aboriginal star maps work as a form of navigation? 

  • How do Aboriginal people associate landscape features in a star map? 

  • What cultural values do Aboriginal people place on the landscape? 

  • How can one use digital geographical technologies to investigate landscape features and spatial patterns in the stars, and infer relationships between them? 

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