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Year level:

Level 4

Karlu Karlu

Inquiry-based learning questions

This activity is a part of the Interpretations of Dreaming stories in text resource.

Karlu Karlu, Warumungu country, Northern Territory. Photographer: John White Photos. Source: Getty Images. Used under licence.

These inquiry-based questions are provided for flexible classroom use, allowing teachers to tailor discussion and reflections specific to their classroom needs

Inquiry questions

  • What do different versions of the Rainbow Serpent story express about important places in the landscape? Consider how places such as water bodies and landforms have social, cultural, and ecological significance for Aboriginal people. 

  • Consider how traditional stories like The Rainbow Serpent are able to communicate moral lessons. What underlying messages are being expressed in different versions of the story? 

  • Reflect on the place of narrative traditions in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Consider the importance of Songlines and dreaming tracks in past and present Aboriginal cultures. 

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Karlu Karlu

Activity 1 – Comparing different interpretations of the Rainbow Serpent

Comparing Rainbow Serpent Interpretations, students compare 'The Rainbow Serpent' by Dick Roughsey and 'Warnayarra: the rainbow snake' by Pamela Lofts.

Required resources:

The Rainbow Serpent by Dick (Goobalathaldin) Roughsey , Warnayarra: the rainbow snake by Pamela Lofts

Karlu Karlu

Activity 2 – Character portrait of the Rainbow Serpent

Creating a character Portrait of the Rainbow Serpent, students engage with the Rainbow Serpent story by writing a passage that describes its appearance, behavior, significance, and its evolving relationship with the story's characters.

Required resources:

The Rainbow Serpent by Dick (Goobalathaldin) Roughsey, Warnayarra: the rainbow snake by Pamela Lofts

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