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Year level:

Level 6

Uluru from Above

Inquiry-based learning questions

This activity is a part of the Communicating traditional Indigenous Knowledge resource.

Uluru from Above. Photographer: NASA/JSC Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Source: Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY 2.0    

These inquiry-based questions are provided for flexible classroom use, allowing teachers to tailor discussion and reflections specific to their classroom needs

Inquiry questions

  • Why are oral and narrative traditions such as storytelling important for the communication of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge? 

  • How does the use of direct quotes give you a different perspective of Ngadju knowledge about fire? 

  • What does the use of diagrams and images contribute to the communication of traditional knowledge? 

  • How does the way information is represented affect what is communicated? 

Related activities within this resources:

Uluru from Above

Activity 1 – Different uses of fire

In this activity, students will compare their own experiences with fire usage to that of the Ngadju people as documented in the Ngadju kala publication, fostering a cross-cultural understanding of fire's diverse roles. They'll brainstorm, document, and explore specific examples, enhancing their appreciation of the multifaceted nature of fire in different cultures.

Suggested timing:

One lesson divided into two 20 minute blocks, with 10 minutes for whole class report back

Required resources:

Electronic or print version of the Ngadju kala document

Uluru from Above

Activity 2 – The story of how Ngadju got fire

In this activity, students will engage with the Ngadju kala document by reading and discussing the story of how fire was given to the Ngadju people, focusing on its unique language and cultural significance.

Suggested timing:

30 minutes, including whole class discussion

Required resources:

Electronic or print version of the Ngadju kala document

Uluru from Above

Activity 3 – Communicating traditional knowledge with images and diagrams

In this activity, students will explore the multifaceted uses of fire in Ngadju culture, as portrayed in the Ngadju kala document.

Required resources:

Electronic or printed version of the Ngadju kala document, optional extension activity requires using the Ngadju seasonal calendar document

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