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Year level:

Level 5, Level 6

Fire up close

Activity 3 – Performing

This activity is a part of the Fire in song resource.

Fire up close. Mornington Island, Lardil country. Photographer: Joe Sambono. Source: Ngarrngga. © Joe Sambono 2023. Used with permission

In this activity, students begin by singing along with the song 'Fire' and gradually progress to playing chord instruments like guitar and keyboard in synchronization with the recording.

* NOTE: Seek permission from respective communities for non-Indigenous students to learn and perform music from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Required resources 

Computer and speakers, instruments, iPads or other technology that allow students to play along with the music.

Step by Step guide 

Step 1: Connect to previous activities

Students have previously analysed the chord structure of the song Fire and determined that the chords used are Bm, A, Em and G.

Step 2: Familiarise students with song

First, students become familiar with the song by singing along with the recording.

Step 3: Guide students through experience

As competency increases, students playing chord instruments such as guitar and keyboard can join in and play along with the recording.

Once this can be done independently, without the recording, other instruments such as a drum kit.

Other instruments, such as flute, violin etc. can join in by working out the melodic phrases used in the chorus, or, if students have a good ear, the verse melodies as well.

Step 4: Explore, improvise or compose

Students can then improvise or compose new melodic material based on the synthesiser part in the instrumental sections of the song. 

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Fire up close

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Fire up close

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Required resources:

Computer and speakers to play the soundtrack

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