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The Arts

Year level:

Level 3, Level 4

Suggested timing:

2 lessons

Misery Island Coastline

Activity 3: Megafauna exploration

This activity is a part of the Understanding and respecting cultural narratives resource.

Misery Island Coastline, Misery Island, palawa country. Tiffany Garvie. Source: Ngarrngga. © Tiffany Garvie 2023. Used under licence

Begin the lesson with an exploration of the concept of megafauna, showing the videos below to introduce the concept to students.



Assign students one of the following megafauna:



Thylacoleo carnifex





Zygomaturus trilobus

Students are to research their own animals then share with the class, to begin a discussion of extinction and possible causes for why there are no megafauna alive any longer.

Then get students to research an example of megafauna using the task sheet below (or similar).

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Misery Island Coastline

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