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Level 6

Songwarbler perching on a branch

Activity 3 - Exploring ecosystems before and after a controlled burn

This activity is a part of the Understanding plants and animals resource.

Songwarbler perching on a branch. Canberra, Ngunawal country. Photographer: Anna Calvert. Source: Getty Images. Used under licence.

Students can select an ecosystem, draw and explain what happens to the ecosystem before and after a controlled burn, linking this back to supporting biodiversity.

Step by Step guide 

Step 1: Teacher to locate background information

The teacher will need to locate some background information to support student research on different ecosystems. Other Ngarrnga curriculum resources may be useful.

Step 2: Explain the task

Students select an ecosystem of their choice.

They will need to research:

  • what living things are located in this ecosystem?

  • what happens before and after a controlled burn?

  • how do these practices support biodiversity?

Students can represent this as a visual with an explanation. The template provided can support this.

Step 3: Independent research and drawing of ecosystem

Students undertake their research and create a visual representation with a supporting explanation.

Step 4: Share

Teacher can decide the best way for students to share their learning.

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Songwarbler perching on a branch

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Songwarbler perching on a branch

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Songwarbler perching on a branch

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Songwarbler perching on a branch

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