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Learning Area:

Health and Physical Education

Year levels:

Level 9, Level 10

Suggested timing:

One lesson

Two men, Vernon Japaljarri Dickson and Simon Japanangka Fisher Jr. are both trying to grab a football out of the air while wearing football jerseys. Behind them are football goals set in a red dirt field.

Activity 2 – Totem Teams

This activity is a part of the Physical fitness in communities resource.

Vernon Japaljarri Dickson (left) and Simon Japanangka Fisher Jr. at Yuendumu oval football ground 2017. Yuendumu, Warlpiri. Source: Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY-SA 4.0 

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Explore Aboriginal Fire Stories

Step 2: Watch Rekindling Youth Program (Bangarra)

Step 3: Evaluate

  • How could this improve fitness and physical activity levels? 

  • What makes the Bangarra Rekindling program engaging for young people? 

  • What elements are important for making people feel they belong to a team? 

  • What is the connection between community and the environment? 

Step 4: Create your own activities

  • In small groups, develop an activity or game that involves teams, with each team selecting an animal or mascot from the local area. The game can center around the theme of fire, and movement/physical activity, for example, a game to play around a campfire or a team game involving a ball. The game should have these elements: 

  • Teamwork 

  • Skill and/or endurance 

Step 5: Class discussion

Discuss the following inquiry-based learning questions as a class: 

  • What role does teamwork play in culture and community, particularly in overcoming challenges? 

  • What role does a mascot or totem have in forming team identity? 

  • Consider the role community plays in supporting others through challenges. 

  • Connection between the environment and health – how does getting outside and being active support good health? 

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