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Humanities and Social Sciences

Year level:

Level 4

Suggested timing:

Two or three lessons

Rusty Red Sandy Beach

Activity 2 - Ecosystem Exploration

This activity is a part of the Living off our waters resource.

Rusty Red Sandy Beach. Photographer: Felix Cesare. Source: Getty Images. Used under licence

Students will research an ecosystem from a body of water exploring the living things and the interconnections.

Step by Step guide 

Step 1: Research a body of water

Students can select one the of the locations provided in the  AIATSIS online collection ‘Living off our waters’ , the supporting information provided, or self select another body of water.

Students research the living things that are found within that ecosystem.

Teacher may need to provide further resources to support students level of research skills. ​

Step 2: Create a visual representation

Students may create a representation of the ecosystem and choose to:​

  • Label each of the living things (Recall).​

  • Provide a short description of the living things (Describe).​

  • Demonstrate the connections between living things within the ecosystem (Connect).​

  • Draw upon Indigenous knowledge by outlining the best times, weather conditions and environmental factors for catching certain species of fish (Synthesise).​

  • Outline which techniques Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples use for resource utilisation that should be showcased. Explain justification (Application).​

Step 3: Share

Teacher to decide the best way for students to share their visual representations.

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