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Health and Physical Education

Year level:

Level 9, Level 10

Suggested timing:

One lesson

Two men, Vernon Japaljarri Dickson and Simon Japanangka Fisher Jr. are both trying to grab a football out of the air while wearing football jerseys. Behind them are football goals set in a red dirt field.

Activity 1 – Sport and culture, past and present

This activity is a part of the Physical fitness in communities resource.

Vernon Japaljarri Dickson (left) and Simon Japanangka Fisher Jr. at Yuendumu oval football ground 2017. Yuendumu, Warlpiri. Source: Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY-SA 4.0 

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Investigation and Research

Investigate and research the way Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People incorporated physical activity into daily life prior to colonisation.

Either as a class or individually, make a list or a mind-map of activities. Include hunting and everyday living activities, and sports or cultural activities. 

Step 2: Inquiry-based question discussion

Discuss the following inquiry-based questions as a class: 

  • How did each of these activities contribute to people’s identity and connection with community? 

  • How was food interrelated to other aspects of life/culture? How are things different and/or the same in contemporary society? 

  • In what ways is modern life less healthy than a traditional one? Is it healthier in some ways? 

  • How is physical activity important in people’s mental health and well-being? 

  • What activities do people in your community today participate in for fitness, identity, and connection with community? (Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous)? Where do these traditions originate from? What does this add to their community or cultural value? 

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